Master your mind and create the life you desire

In this 12-week online course on the
mind and meditation.

A Simple, Practical Meditation Course

Tools, techniques and teachings to
unlock your greatest potential

If you are reading this then you are alive. You have a life. You’ve been given one. Just one. But with no instruction manual. You’ve also been given a mind – the most sophisticated tool on this planet and this too with no instruction manual. And all of us who have been given a life and a mind are expected to figure out what to do with both in this finite time that we are here on this planet. It’s a great burden that has been placed upon us and many of us struggle through life when we don’t really have to. After all, life is meant to be lived joyously.

In this course, I outline some of the very basic training I received from my guru when I lived in his monastery as a monk. Tool, techniques and teachings that have been developed by Hindu monks for over two thousand years in India and Sri Lanka to help a person discover purpose and live a joyous life. These monks knew that one has to first begin by understanding the mind, and then develop concentration and willpower. Once you have a good grasp over the mind you can begin to go within you to discover your greatest potential through the practice of meditation.

The meditation that was taught to me is simple, practical, systematic and highly effective. It helps you define your meditation goal, lay out a path to it and create a sustainable practice that eventually brings forth insights and spiritual unfoldment. It teaches you to concentrate your energy towards manifesting what you want in life and directing it as well to those that truly matter to you to create fulfilling relationships. Ultimately, what most people want is to be loved, to have a purpose and to be able to love. Meditation is the tool to unlock your greatest potential. The rewards are far greater than the efforts put into it and it is well worth striving for. Begin your journey of self-discovery today!

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“As soon as we control where awareness goes we control where energy flows.

As soon as we control where energy is flowing we control what is manifesting in our life.

And meditation is the art and science of directing awareness.”

~ Dandapani

Learn how to...

Master your mind

Learn to harness and direct the greatest tool you have, your mind. By understanding how your mind works, you begin to take control of your life.


You’ve probably been told to concentrate but never taught how to. Learn techniques on how to concentrate and be excellent at it.

Develop Willpower

Learn simple techniques to develop willpower, your mental muscle, so that you can accomplish all that you set out to do in life.

Sit and Breathe

Environment, timing, posture, breath, process and goals are some of the key fundamentals to understand and master as you begin to meditate.

Work with Energy

Meditation, you could say, is having a meeting with your energy. Learn to understand, feel, move, direct and concentrate energy.


Learn a timeless ancient Hindu meditation practice, that can be practiced by anyone, that takes you within to experience and bring forth intuition, creativity and spiritual unfoldment.

Course Platform Preview

Take a quick look in this video of what the inside of this online course platform looks like. See how the videos, questions, worksheets, discussion forum and more are laid out.

Highlights of a Weekly Lesson

Please note that this video shows highlights from one of the weekly lessons in the course. Each lesson is much longer than the below video.


Course Outline


12 Weeks of Lessons


Over 7 hours of Content


Over 35 Video & Audio Files


16 Exercises


Guided Meditations


Online Community Forum

Weeks 1-5: Foundations of the Mind

Week 1: Understanding the Mind

Week 1, Lesson 1: The Art of Practice

Week 1, Lesson 2: Understanding the Mind

Week 1, Lesson 3: How the Mind Works

Week 2: Awareness and the Mind

Week 2 Lesson 1: Awareness in Daily Life
Week 2 Lesson 2: Moving Awareness in the Mind

Week 3: Awareness, Energy and Observation

Week 3 Lesson 1: Where Awareness Goes, Energy Flows
Week 3 Lesson 2: Separating Awareness from that which It is Aware of

Week 4: The Art of Concentration

Week 4, Lesson 1: Introduction to Concentration
Week 4, Lesson 2: The Benefits of Concentration
Week 4, Lesson 3: Integrating Concentration in Daily Life

Week 5: Willpower - Life’s Greatest Force

Week 5, Lesson 1: Willpower – Life’s Greatest Force
Week 5, Lesson 2: Life – An Opportunity to Develop Willpower
Week 5, Lesson 3: Life – Practical Exercises to Develop Willpower

Weeks 6-12: Introduction to Meditation

Week 6: Establishing a Meditation Ritual

Week 6, Lesson 1: Establishing a Meditation Ritual
Week 6, Lesson 2: Creating a Meditation Space
Week 6, Lesson 3: What’s the Best Time to Meditate?

Week 7: Visualization and Meditation

Week 7, Lesson 1: How to Sit in Meditation
Week 7, Lesson 2: The Power of Visualization

Week 8: Directing Energy

Week 8, Lesson 1: Getting to Know Energy
Week 8, Lesson 2: Learning to Move Energy
Week 8, Lesson 3: Transition from Video to Audio

Week 9: Awareness and the Breath

Week 9, Lesson 1: Relationship Between Awareness, Breath & Energy
Week 9, Lesson 2: Breathing Diaphragmatically
Week 9, Lesson 3: Regulating the Breath

Week 10: Preparation for Meditation

Week 10, Lesson 1: Preparation for Meditation
Week 10, Lesson 2: Feeling the Goal
Week 10, Lesson 3: First Guided Meditation

Week 11: Centering Meditation

Week 11, Lesson 1: Meditation is a ScArt
Week 11, Lesson 2: Your Spine, Your Center
Week 11, Lesson 3: Guided Centering Meditation

Week 12: Saivite Meditation

Week 12, Lesson 1: Focusing on the Goal
Week 12, Lesson 2: Guided Saivite Meditation
Week 12, Lesson 3: Devotion, the Key to Meditative Success

Why Dandapani

Dandapani is recognized as an individual that has a unique ability to simplify the understanding of the mind, make spiritual tools practically applicable in everyday life, and blend East and West sweetly to create systematic approaches to self-development that bring about sustainable changes. His aim is to empower people to discover and live their greatest potential by knowing themselves through the practice of meditation.

  • Dandapani lived as a celibate Hindu monk for 10 years in a cloistered monastery in Hawaii, living a life of serious personal discipline and training
  • He was trained and initiated by one of Hinduism’s foremost spiritual leaders, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, who also taught him this ancient art of meditation
  • He works with global business leaders and organizations who want to understand how to harness the power of their minds
  • Helps people establish simple but powerful practices in their life helping them to create sustainable changes
  • His greatest endorsement is being invited back repeatedly to speak and work with companies and groups
dandapani highlights
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You will have access to the site as soon as your payment has been processed.

What if I can’t complete the course in 12 weeks?

No problem. You will always have access to the course and can go back and complete the lessons you were not able to complete. We however strongly encourage for you to do the lessons in sequence, as each lesson builds on the preceding one.

Can I access content with my laptop and mobile devices?

The content can be viewed on a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile device.

Can I repeat the course after I am done with it?

You will always have access to the course and you can watch any of the lessons within the course anytime.

What if I have questions when I am studying the course?

You will find a community forum section at bottom of each week’s lesson. Post your questions here and Dandapani or a team member will respond as soon as possible. Please also feel free to share your thoughts and inspirations from the course here as well.

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What others have to say....

I had the absolute pleasure of attending your event today and I wanted to say thank you again. I can honestly say that the rest of my day was the most enlightened day I think I have ever experienced. The tools you taught us today are life changing and I am so grateful to have had the privilege to learn from your time as a monk. I read my notes and keep asking myself: “How did I get to my 37th birthday and never learn these things before!!!???”

I can tell you that my wife, son and daughter will be forever grateful to you for teaching me how to train my awareness and direct my energy to those I love. I feel forever changed.
Joseph Carberry, Entrepreneur, Philadelphia

I wanted to reach out to you and say a very big thank you for not only coming to Toronto but conducting one of the most engaging events we have had in years. What astounded me the most was the reaction of our chapter to your 3 hour seminar. First, we usually have 45 – 60 minute presentations where the members are fidgeting and can’t wait to get up, even if it is good content. You engaged the membership for 3 hours!!! You told me you were going to do this, I had some doubts, but you executed on your promise. Second, we found the tools not only helpful, but practical and easy to apply right away (I still make my bed the minute I wake up). I have spoken to many members who have seen changes in their home and work relationships, members who feel they have a much better grasp on how their mind works and members who prepare differently for their week. Thanks very much. We look forward to having you back.

Craig Morantz, CEO at Kira Talent, Toronto

I have sat through hundreds upon hundreds of presentations in my life. Yours was one of the best. Forget for a moment the quality of your presentation, you are one of those rare, special individuals roaming this earth. You are humble, real and genuine. I can count on one hand how many people I have met in my life like you. These are individuals that the moment you meet them, you feel like you have known them all your life, and when you are in their presence, they give you their caring, loving, undivided attention. I must say that your talk was inspiring in many ways. One was your ability to articulate and define purpose for many of my recent business and life decisions.

Craig Irving, President, The Irving Group

“Life is a manifestation of where you direct your energy.
Meditate to master your mind, direct your energy
and create the life you want!”
~ Dandapani

The Truth about Meditation

What it will do for you if you approach it correctly

The truth is that meditation is not a fix all pill. In today’s world meditation is sold as a solution for a stressful and chaotic life. That if you meditated in the morning then you’ll be more centered and live in the moment the rest of the day. This is not the case. Eating a carrot in the morning and eating junk food the rest of the day will not ensure a healthy diet.

Don’t get me wrong, meditation can change your life, but you have to start with your day first. You need to build a daily routine and create a new mindset that will support you having a consistent meditation practice. At first your lifestyle supports your meditation practice. Then your meditation practice starts to support your life. Now, and only now, will begin to reap the benefits of meditation.

This is how we approach meditation in this course. By teaching you the tools to create a lifestyle that supports a meditation practice first. Then teaching you how to meditate so you truly benefit from this practice. The benefits are endless from being observant, mindful, present, more creative and intuitive, to bringing forth spiritual insights from deep within you and more.


Life is meant to be lived joyously…

…and you have the power within to do so

Life is not short, but it is definitely finite. Take control of your life. You only have one life as you. Who knows who you will be in your next life. Make this one count. Make it amazingly spectacular so that when you take your last breath on this Earth you will be able to say to yourself, “What an amazing journey! I would not have traded it for anything in the world!”

Meditation is the tool to unlock your greatest potential, discover unparalleled love and happiness within, and give you the confidence and wisdom to live the life you desire. Make meditation a fundamental part of your life and you will live an extremely rewarding life!

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